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Here’s some of what the Lonely Planet – India chapter Gujarat has to say about Sabarmati Ashram:

“Sabarmati Ashram

About 5km north of the centre, in peaceful, shady grounds on the river’s west bank, this ashram was Gandhi’s headquarters from 1917 to 1930 during the long struggle for Indian independence. It’s said Gandhi chose this site because it lay between a jail and a cemetery, and any satyagrahi (nonviolent resister) was bound to end up in one or the other.

From here on March 12,1930, Gandhi and 78 companions set out on the famous Salt March to Dandi on the Gulf of Cambay in a symbolic protest, with Gandhi vowing not to return to the ashram until India had gained independence.

The ashram was disbanded in 1933, later becoming a center for Dalit welfare activities and cottage industries. Gandhi’s poignant, spartan living quarters are preserved, and there’s a museum that presents an informative record of his life and teachings.

After Gandhi’s death some of his ashes were immersed in the river in front of the ashram.”



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