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Arriving at Kralendijk

Cruire Terminal

Iain & Christine at Bonaire


Cuise Terminal Stalls

Colourful Buildings in Kralendijk

Kralendijk Harbour

Kralendijk Waterfront

Blue Fish in Harbour

Guide with Map

Iain at Slave House

Surf at Slave House

Marker for Salt Ships

Salt Piles

Thousand Steps DIve SIte

Flamingo Sanctuary


National Park SIgn

Cactus Fence

Whale Skeleton

Wild Donkeys

Moon over Kralendijk

We had a leisurely breakfast this morning and then got ready and went ashore for a walk along the waterfront at Karlendijk, the capital of Bonaire.

It is a colourful city with the buildings painted in lovely pastel tints. We admired the architecture and strolled along the waterfront. We saw a few colourful fish in the harbour and reflected that we saw more from the sidewalk than we had seen on the glass bottomed boat the other day.

We returned to the ship and had lunch then went out to join the tour. This proved to be one of the best ones we have been on in this trip. The guide was both interesting and understandable. He had a wealth on information and able to illustrate the things he could not show us with laminated photos that he produced on cue.

We were taken to the salt ponds where we saw the salt piled up ready for shipment. We saw the tiny buildings which once housed the slaves who had worked the salt ponds in the past. They were tiny and, though restored, are the original buildings. The surf there was also spectacular.

We returned through Karlendijk and on to the north end of the island on a narrow twisting road where we saw a variety of dive sites and several views as we drove through a village that had originally been established to house the families of the slaves who worked the salt ponds. It was in a protected valley and safe from the predatory pirates who in those days had ravaged and pillaged towns in more exposed situations.

We stopped at a national park where the prime exhibit was a whale skeleton. We did not spend as long there as anticipated. I do not think many people were impressed with it. It was rather dusty and sparsely illustrated.

We returned to the ship in time to get ready for dinner which was again really nice. We came back to the room and I sorted out the photos while we watched the Downton Abbey film.

Tomorrow we are in Curacao.

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