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Day 21 - Fri 31st Jan

The cliffs where we stayed last night beside a lovely old lighthouse really were impressive. All dark, high & quite for foreboding with waves crashing below. This really is a lovely part of the coastline with sandy beaches to the North of us & high, rocky cliffs to the South. It is obviously popular with motorhomers as we see them everywhere we go & many, like us, are wild camping along the coast. We don’t need all the fancy facilities as we are basically self sufficient so we get to stop in some great places.

Shortish hop today heading down South to the bottom corner of Portugal at Cabo de Sao Vicente to the lighthouse there. A dull start to the day as we headed off along more hills & mountains. We did stop off at a Lidl’s not far from the headland, a nice new one & one with eight bays marked for motorhomes & caravans. Not sure if that is for daytime parking only or if they allow overnight stops.

We did stop off at this headland six years ago but I wanted to have another look at it before we turned & headed East back towards Spain. We also revisited the fort at Sagres, the nearby town, but it wasn’t open for visitors. We did see a very large car park there with around a hundred motorhomes parked up, probably long stay campers.. we moved further along the coast & parked up down near the beach across the river from a town called Lagos.

The cliffs stop here as the sandy beach stretches for several miles around the bay towards Faro. There is a big marina here & literally hundreds of yachts moored in the marina. A handy footbridge allowed us to cross over into the town in the afternoon for a wander around the narrow streets. Unfortunately there is a strike on today & all the tourist locations including the church are closed. The sun was out now so it was a pleasant afternoon finished off with coffee & cake in a little cafe.

We said goodbye to the European Union today but it didn’t affect us at all.

Mileage today - 86

Total Mileage - 2,365

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