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Approaching Grand Turk

Entrance to Cruise Terminal

Tourist Tram

Road and Salt Pond

A Major Intersection

Government Buildings

Food Truck

Conch SHells and fabric paintings for sale

A Flower on Grand Turk

Grand Turk

A Beach on Grand Turk

SHack Homes and Laundry

Forty SHades of Blue

Lighthouse Road


Sign at Lighthouse

Donkeys at Lighthouse

A Home on Grand Turk

Replica of John Glenn's Space Capsule

Beach at Cruise Terminal

Koningsdan & Carnival Fascination

We did not dock till 11 AM today so we had a leisurely breakfast downstairs then got ready to leave the ship. We watched it come in to Grand Turk, but we were not on the dock side of the ship so most of our view was of the ocean. We did see that the Carnival Fascination had docked before us on the other side of the dock.

We waited for the signal to disembark and headed down. There was a line at the elevator and when they came they were already full so we headed for the stairs to meet up with another line to go down the final stair and off the ship. It soon started to move and we were on dry land once more. We followed the instructions and were directed to a stand where we exchanged our tickets for wrist bands and waited ti be called. We chatted to a couple from Winnipeg for a while then we were led round the building to the "train' or "tram". It appeared to be a regular bus with the sides cut out and bench seats installed which towed a similar, but motorless vehicle behind it. It appeared an odd, ungainly contraption, but it did seem to work.

We headed up the coast to a stop at stalls which sold similar products to those we had seen at previous ports. We walked along and admired the beautiful shades of blue emanating from the sea.

We continued on through the capital, Cockburn, passing the legislative building which was not an imposing structure. We saw several schools and other government buildings then headed up the "hill" to the lone lighthouse which had been built in Britain, shipped out in pieces and assembled in Grand Turk. Due to lack of maintenance, it is now not only no longer needed, ut rusting away and unsafe to be entered and used as a tourist lookout. An enterprising company has, however set up to charge entrance fees, redeemable at their bar and/or gift ship.

On the way and at the lighthouse we saw an abundance of donkeys. Grand Turk was a source of salt, widely used in the past as a preservative before refrigeration and much sought after. Grand Turk made its wealth from this natural resource and donkeys were part of the workforce. When salt became a dying industry, the donkeys were redundant and left to fend for themselves which they did with much success. They are now protected and, we were advised were "partially" tame. Just don't stand behind them! At the lighthouse they quickly congregated to b fed home made bread by one if the guides.

We headed back by a slightly different route to the ship, having covered most of the island which is only six miles long by one mile wide. We passed the airport where there is a replica of John Glenn's space capsule. He splashed down a few miles east of Grand Turk and spent three days on the island recovering from his flight.

We went looked at the crowded beach adjacent to the cruise terminal then went aboard and had a late lunch then I went back on shore and used the Internet at Starbucks and advised a couple of people on its use. A lady from Toronto who appeared to be there with her son said I should charge a fee!

I quickly accomplished my update to the journal and checked the e-mails then returned to the ship where Christine had spent the time following the shade on the veranda and reading.

I uploaded our photos and labelled then we got ready for dinner which we enjoyed downstairs again. We listened to the strings for a short while before heading to the showroom to hear the same vocal duetists from the last leg of the journey perform the same show as we had seen. They are, however very good and put on an enjoyable performance.

We had a walk round the deck then returned to our room where Christine assembled things for tomorrow and I wrote up the day's Activities.

Tomorrow we head for Amber Cove on the Dominican Republic and from there have a tour to Puerto Plata.

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