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We Had A Long Layover In Bangkok But We Were Comfortable In...

Years Ago We Had Been Treated To A Complimentary Half-Hour Thai Massage...

What A Treat To Learn That Thai Airways Still Offers This Service,...



In booking our reward ticket flights to India we knew that we were on a real milk run, taking five flights to reach Delhi from Victoria. There were layovers in Seattle, Taipei and Bangkok but at least we could escape the crowds and retreat to the comfortable lounges that were a perk of our tickets. It had been several years since we were in Bangkok and I wasn’t at all sure of the airport had been well-maintained, but it was, to our delight. We were even treated to a complimentary 30-min Thai massage – something I remembered being thrilled to receive in the past.

So many things have changed over the years, but it was great to find that some of the best things we remember about flying through Bangkok have not.


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