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I Saw This Clever Celebration Of 2020, The Year Of The Rat,...

We Flew On EVA Airlines For The First Time, In Comfortable Seats...



When we landed in Taipei we were a little surprised to see that the airport was making a concerted effort to respond to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus that was running amok in China and South Korea at the time. All of the airport workers were wearing masks, some were even wearing surgical gowns and caps, and passengers were screened for fevers as they passed by monitors set up to detect potential disease.

We were directed to the In-Transit Desk where the EVA staff checked our tickets and passports. They were very intent on ensuring that we had proper visas to enter India, and when they felt unsure about the handwritten dates on the Indian Visa stamps, we were asked to sign waivers to absolve EVA of any liability if we were turned away from entering India in Delhi.

This struck us as a little odd because our flight out of Taipei took us to Bangkok, and from there we would be flying on Thai Airways. However, we were confident that our visas were valid, so we signed the documents and everyone seemed relieved that we didn’t make a fuss.

By the time all that scrutiny was done we didn’t have too much longer to wait before boarding our flight to Bangkok. We headed to the comfortable lounge and had a bite to eat. I was impressed with a ‘Year of the Rat’ logo that was being displayed on a large monitor near our table. EVA, Taiwan’s national airline was wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, 2020 and at first I didn’t realize that the numbers were transformed into a large red mouse with a few cleverly-placed red strokes of a calligraphy pen.


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