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Sydney Harbour Ferry

Sydney Harbour



Circular Quay

Darling Harbour

Sydney from the Sydney Tower




Lunch at our favourite restaurant






Boys will be boys

Car and van on Sydney Harbour Bridge

Hi All,

So this trip is on the way, it’s the one we wanted to do last year but Anne’s sister taking ill had us going back home to get her back on her feet. She has been told now in no uncertain terms she is to stay well this year whilst we are away. Hopefully the trip will see us taking in Sid Knee, Wollongong (to see friends and family) the south coast which was seriously affected by fires early this year, then northern Victoria to see silo art ending up on Adelaide, the way back home is still unknown, but as we all know best laid plans can change.

So far we have done 2 nights on the way south before arriving in Sydney. Here we have visited Marco’s sister and 2 nephews. We always do lunch at our favorite Malaysian restaurant where we have dined for over 30 years whenever we can, we found out that it has been in business for 61 years and we have dined in 3 locations as they move, oh and the food too is magnificent.

In Sydney we love the public transport system, card based, charges for “senior citizens” fares are capped at $2.50 a day, once your fare hits that amount no more is added. To get from our caravan park to the city, 2 buses, 1 ferry and often a train or tram or light rail and then all again on the return. Lots of fun if you have the time to waste. We have been to a shop in the city for a sauce that they only seem to carry, we have been up the Sydney Tower and we have explored Darling Harbour, we have walked and walked but had a good time.

From here it’s to Wollongong but on the way will do something Marco has always wanted to do, drive over the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the van on the back. In Wollongong we will visit heaps of old friends and family in both age and length of knowing them, which will bring back heaps of memories.

Till then.

As ever

Mum and Dad

GM and GD

UM and AA

Anne and Marco

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