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A Half Moon Cay Tender

Half Moon Cay

Koningsdam in Half Moon Cay

Entrance to Half Moon Cay

Fountain in Half Moon Cay

Wedding Chapel

Christine & Iain at Half Moon Cay

Tour Boat

Tour Guide on Glass Bottom Boat

Queen Conch SHell

Helmet Conch Shell


Iain in the Cairibbean

Half Moon Cay Beach


Pirate Ship on Half Moon Cay

We were up early and had breakfast downstairs then packed up our things and went to get the tender to Holland America's private island, Half Moon Cay. These tenders were not the usual lifeboats, but large ferries with seats for 300 people. We were soon on our way, but the boat hove to a distance from the island and it was a little while before we docked. As we got in it was apparent that the dock was at the end of a narrow channel. So presumably we were waiting for it to clear.

Once docked, we disembarked and had a look around the dock area then explored further to a chapel and several bars and eating areas. We returned to the dock area and registered for our tour. We sat and waited to be called, then chatted to a couple from Frankfurt. We were soon on a truck which took us across the island to where we transferred to a small glass bottomed boat. We took off across the lagoon as a guide described the area and the things we could see. While her information was good, her accent made it difficult to follow her. This was not helped by the glass thorough which we were supposed to see the creatures and coral was far from clear and the things she was pointing out were obscure. The boat ride itself was interesting, but as a means of seeing under the surface it fell short of ideal. She showed us examples of conch shells and coral, but we missed seeing them in their natural setting and fish were a rarity.

We returned to the starting point and a large golf cart took us back to the general area dropping us where we were able to get a barbecue lunch. There were certainly plenty of seating for the crowds to consume the food.

We went from there to the beach and Christine sat in the shade on a deck while I went to attempt to snorkel. Unfortunately, I think my snorkelling days are over. The waves were stronger than they looked and I could not get my balance to put on my flippers and when I tried to stand up I did not have the strength in my thighs to get upright. I am ashamed to admit that a gentleman with a walking stick waded into the water to assist me in getting vertical.

I abandoned the snorkelling gear and went for a swim. The water was really nice and warm and the sand is like talcum powder. Afterwards we sat and watched the dancers from the ship who were in swimming as they acrobatics, throwing each other from a variety of poses. Oh to be young again!

We got rid of as much sand as possible and packed up and headed for the dock. We got onto a tender that was there and it soon left and took us across to the ship.

I washed off my gear and we both had showers. I labelled our photos and we went for dinner where we had our final meal with the Alberta mother and daughter. We said goodbye to them and had a walk round the ship which was cut short as it was raining. We returned to our cabin where Christine played games on her tablet and I wrote up the day's activities.

Our fears that there was a noro-virus aboard were realized when we got a notice today acknowledging that and advising that the ship would be sterilized tomorrow and we would need to stay off the ship from 10 am till 2 pm. While I hope to update the journal in the terminal building, we are not sure what else we will do as we had spent quite a while here before the cruise and in the past.

We will be back in Half Moon Cay on Monday and probably no WiFi, I will try and update again in Grand Turk on Tuesday.

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