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Panorama of St Thomas Harbour

Cruise Dock Area

Bust of A Danish King


ST bThomas Main Street

AN Alley in St Thomas

C afe in a St Thomas Alley

Courtyard in St Thomas

St Thomas Library

ST Thomas Treasury Building

St Thomas Cathedral

National Museum in St Thomas

Blackbeard's Castle at the top of the hill

Ferry coming into the Cruise Dock

An Iguana near the Ship

Bell & Anchors on the Dock

We had a leisurely start to the day today. We got ready and went down to the suite dining room for breakfast, admired the yachts in the harbour from our room and got ready to leave. We walked ashore and, after several inquiries, found the taxi stand. Six of us took the ride into town. The traffic on the main road was backed up and our driver took us up a hill to a parallel road and we were soon at the National Museum which seemed to be pretty well in the centre of things. We walked through a park which had various statues, including a bust of a Danish king. Britain and Denmark shared what is now the Virgin Islands. When Germany threatened Denmark in World War I the USA bought The Danish portion for about $300 an acre - an expensive proposition in these days, but the US was afraid Germany would occupy these islands and threaten the US mainland.

We walked on along the main street looking at the old buildings while being accosted by vendors from all the stores. Christine was disappointed that they were all jewellery rather than local shops. We Almost reached the Cathedral but the police seemed to be dealing with an altercation so we went down a side street which happened to bring us to the tourist information office. When we tried to enter we discovered it was locked, somewhat belying the "Welcome" sign. As we turned away, a lady opened the door for us. We wanted to know about the water taxi back to the ship. She told us there was not one, though Christine had seen one from the ship addressing us with a megaphone advertising their service. She told us where we could get it, if there was one, but she did not want us to walk all that way and be disappointed, but we elicited the information that it was near where we would have gone to for a regular taxi in any case.

We set off along the waterfront and saw the water taxi crossing the harbour. As we approached, it started to dock - not where we had been advised to expect it, but much closer. We decided to take I and it was leaving in 5 minutes. We sat and chatted to one of the crew who was from Colorado - on a working holiday as he described it. The boat soon left and we were on our way across to the cruise dock. We disembarked and walked along the yacht promenade, stopping for a smoothie and juice drink. We walked back by the duty free stores which we had passed in the morning as Christine had noticed some bracelets that caught her eye, but when we found them they were less appealing. We checked a tourist information place advertising free WiFi and I resolved to use it. We returned to the ship and had lunch. There has been what we think is a norovirus scare and self service is suspended in the buffet eating area. We got some foos at the Neptune lounge and took it back to the room and ate on our balcony.

I did some last minute adjustments to yesterday's information and went back ashore to the WiFi place. It was crowded, but I managed to get a seat and even the end of a table which eased my use of the computer. I uploaded yesterday's data and did a few other things. On Monday and Tuesday evenings I had spent a long while doing that and decided not to do it last night. I was only gone from the ship for about 40 minutes. The previous nights had taken about three hours to do a part of what I accomplished in 40 minutes today.

When I returned we sat on the veranda and watched the comings and goings of the boats and yachts in the bay. It is an active area. Christine continued to watch and I sorted out today's photos but will not attempt to update the journal till Sunday in Fort Lauderdale.

We got ready for dinner and were again joined by our Alberta friends. I took off to get seats for the string quintet and was fortunate to get two more or less together. Christine joined me when she finished her coffee. It was a good concert of Schubert's music - coincidentally we are on the Schubert deck on the ship. Christine returned to the room and I went along to get seats at the main showroom. It was not nearly as full as on previous occasions. Christine joined me just before the performance started. She had got lost and headed the wrong way when she got off the elevator. It was a Chinese pianist who now lives in New York. He was excellent, playing everything from Andrew Lloyd Webber to Beethoven and some of his own compositions.

We had a stroll round the deck and will shortly be going to bed. Tomorrow is a sea day then on Saturday we are on Holland America's private island in the Bahamas, Half Moon Cay.

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