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Our campground is located less than half an hour's drive from Port Canaveral, a cruise port that is growing by leaps and bounds. We have taken many cruises, but never boarded so close to "home." When you fly from the frozen North, you always worry about the weather. When we pack to get on a plane, we always weigh our suitcases and hope that we have 50 lbs. of the right things. Leaving from here, we can bring as much as we want and we'll have even more much too much stuff! What luxury!

When we booked this cruise, we thought this would finally be a trip where there would be no issues of concern. Instead we are heading into an area that was hit by strong earthquakes under the sea less than a week ago. Tsunamis often follow, but the movement of the plates here, did not generate much wave action. And now we read that there will be special procedures as we check in as the Corona virus circles the globe generating fear and panic. It's good to be cautious I guess. We also didn't realize that we would be sailing away tomorrow during the Super Bowl. For some of us this will be a huge sacrifice; I could care less.

We'll be sailing on the Harmony of the Seas, a ship we took to the Caribbean in 2017. When people ask us where we are going, we can't always remember. The Harmony is a mega liner that is so big and has so much to do, the destinations are less exciting than the ship itself. Every day will include amazing entertainment such as a Broadway show, water show, ice show, etc. etc. This cruise will be extra fun, because two other couples are coming with us. One has been friends for 40+ years and lives nearby at our real home. The other lives down here year round and has never cruised before. Hope they end up loving it as much as do.

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