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A coco bean

Drying beans


Off to see the plantation








Chocolate bar making







The ingredients and finished product


The first ingredient - a coco pod

A snack

Return to ship



The land excursion today took us up and inland to a plantation and chocolate boutique where the Fond Doux Plantation Resort is located and has been there for over 200 years. Chocolate from the native coco bean trees is a major industry on St. Lucia with tourism the number one income producer. Bananas are also an agricultural product. Banana Ketchup is a strange refinement of the curvy, yellow fruit, but we never got a chance to sample it.

The tour of the flora in the winding paths was a bit tiring, but the chocolate lab proved to reinforce our knowledge of this candy making process after our own experience last week. Back for dinner and a beautiful sunset as we headed out for a day at sea.

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