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Just an addition to Ryan's entry, one of the stops on Friday, Jan.24th (the day I arrived) was at a shop that had books and other treasures. One thing you see a lot of in NZ, in addition to restaurants is charity shops. There is a shop for every cause known to man, including one that supports dogs for the hearing impaired, families who had a miscarriage, children "in care", rescue animals, etc.

Ryan and I like to browse so we stopped at one that morning, Ryan noticed a book about the history of nursing in New Zealand. It proved to be very interesting, and as rough as I thought my nursing training was, it apparently was a cake walk compared to earlier nurses.

One fact that I learned and I think would make a brilliant question on Jeopardy is what was the first Country to require nurses to take a licensing exam? (In other words the "State Boards" as we call them in the States.)

Of course you are all so bright you will have guessed, based on the title of the book, that it was New Zealand. I never knew that, I would have guessed England the land of the most famous nurse ever, Florence Nightingale.

Driving down the center of New Zealand is much like driving the Alcan Highway, lots of moutnains and very narrow roads. The terrain is very different that the West Coast, which is what I saw last year. We would drive miles and miles and see a rare house, there would be cattle and sheep but they were spread out over long stretches of hills and scrub.

More tomorrow on our experienes over the weekend, well, weekend here. I still can't get use to "losing" Thursday!

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