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Jan 20, St. Kitts

Fun fact:  Formerly known as Saint Christopher Island, together with its neighbor, Nevis it is a single 2 island nation.  St. Kitts was the first English colony in the Carribean.

 I went to the gym this morning, as the ship will be later than usual getting into port, (around 10 am).  I try weighing myself daily to hopefully avoid too much weight gain. Because the ship is gently rocking, I had an 8 pound range to choose from as the numbers bounce around constantly.  Maybe once we dock, I can get a better reading! Oops, forgot! There are lots and lots of shops right off the dock in St. Kitts. We spent quite a bit of time looking through them. Jim got a couple of beers, Light Caribe for $2 each.  I took a few sips and it was quite good. That's a much better deal than the $28.50 he paid for a bucket of 6 beers on the ship. We bought a couple of hand crafted (supposedly) soup bowls that were cute. There was a Dive in movie matinee today, Aladin, with Will Smith.  I grabbed a turkey wrap and watched the second half of it when we got back. It was good, and I'm hoping they will show it again so I can catch the beginning. We read, walked, and did the hot tubs this afternoon. For dinner, I got adventurous and tried the soup with tripe in it.  It was ok, but I ordered the potato skins appetizer too, just in case, so mostly ate those. We had some Carribean style chicken from the port of call menu. It was pretty good, but now that I've had it, I'd probably order something else. For dessert, I ordered the Napoleon and some cinnamon pretzel nubs.  The Napoleon was ok, but the other, not so good, and very tough. The couple from Manitoba agreed! We went to see the comedy show afterwards. He was ok, but not as good as the one the other night.  

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