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Jack's Gathering

Some of the food at Jack's Gathering

Hatch clan

Cyndy saying "this ain't North Carolina!"

Em in her fashionable coveralls (back in Tucson)

Jeff working on the roof

Hola amigos!

Sooo...who is that old man?

Who would think that right after we arrived in Tucson with the warm weather I would be making a trip to NY where it was 0-17 degrees, except it made it to 33 one day. The day it reached 33 was the only time I left the house willingly and that was to go snowmobiling with my brother-in-law Matt. That was a glorious day.

My brother-in-law Jack died after a long, painful struggle with lung disease. My sister’s world became increasingly smaller during the last five years as she made his final years as comfortable as she could. Our nephew, who now lives in Spain, came home in October to help his Mom and be with his Dad. What a great job they did.

The funeral week was a happy/sad affair as six of the seven siblings gathered to support our sister and say goodbye to the first of our group to die. With each passing year we are thankful there are so many of us. We were amazed at how many people came to offer condolences and love to my sister. Cyndy and my niece, Molly, were wonderful standing at the front of the line asking how people knew Jack and introducing themselves as well as telling them the names of the siblings they would be seeing at the end of the line. We saw people we hadn’t seen In 50 years, and we even recognized some of them.

We never cooked a meal the whole week because of the food people brought. There is no food that tastes as good to me as the Italian food prepared in Amsterdam, NY.

Jack would not have wanted us to be sad and we tried to accommodate. He was so funny that we were able to tell his stories and laugh. I have never met anyone else in my life who was so totally happy just being who he was. If my sister had allowed him to, he would have never left his little piece of heaven at the “top of the hill” in Ft. Johnson, NY.

I arrived back in Tucson at 11 at night where it was 52 degrees. What a treat. We have finished the roof on the Tucson house and moved up to Marana where it is quiet and we have black skies at night, which enables us to see a million stars.

We are hoping to travel soon to some neat places and are looking forward to friends from NC joining us. We are hoping my sister Candi is able to visit since she hasn’t left Ft J in 5 years.

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