London to Sydney 2005 travel blog

In the evening in Surat Thani we agreed to eat out with the Woodheads (Stuart and Jenny). Robin asked someone at the exhaust centre where to go and he recommended a sea food restaurant at a distance of 8km. No taxis were available so we found a tuk tuk. We set off down a road with pot holes getting narrower by the minute. It was just like China. After a while the driver realised that we were going the wrong way, asked for the piece of paper with the address on in, to us, undecipherable script, and did a u-turn. We proceeded back to the town and then found that we needed to stop for petrol before such a long journey.

We did eventually arrive at the restaurant. There was no other westerner there and we had an excellent dinner. Crab, huge shrimps and sea bass soup - all plainly cooked. It was one of our best meals and it cost about £5 per head including drinks. The tuk tuk even turned up to take us home. A tuk tuk in this case is a pick-up with seats in the back, cardboard on the floor and seats covered in plastic bags. The spare wheel was at our feet and certainly didn't hold any excess air at it had visible holes in it.

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