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A lazy sunset


Hopp'in Restaurant

More to our liking for the ambiance and food



Wonderful food at the Primo Bistro



Next day for a food tour


We would call this place a "dive"

Pigs ears in a dish called SOUSE

Not very palatable

another dive

The national dish of Barbados. Flying fish and a breadfruit based carb

On to our last stop

The oldest bar in Bridgetown





The last bit of the sun

The green flash - it only lasts for 2 seconds and is...

Dinner on Friday at the Seahorse


Thursday was a rest-up from the trip down day. We had a great time at breakfast and took long naps to catch up on the long trip the day before. We enjoyed dinner at the Primo Bistro which was right across from the Yellow Bird. Great meal!

For Friday, we had scheduled a food tour with “Lickdebowl” and started out at 11:30 with Nicola. It was not as good a food tour as we had experienced in the past, with too much nonessential information and a disturbing,highly unprofessional jump to political topics. Never mind the cooked pigs ears we were given to eat - yes, really. We went back to our hotel and had a second dinner at the Seahorse. Tom captured a fantastic sunset and managed to get the fabled ‘green flash’ after effect! Tomorrow we board our ship for two weeks of cruising.

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