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The Paradise Flycatcher says thank you!!

Now then....."which way is up"?!

Le pieste de resistance..,.the beautiful Knysna Loerie!

No words......!

One more!

Oh go on then....just one more!!!

The valley where the Loerie is found.

Today was dedicated to finding the Knysna Loerie, a beautiful and distinctive bird found only in specific parts of South Africa.

It is a large green bird with a short hooked bill and brilliant red wings. The bill is short, deep and sharply curved and is orange-red. The eye is brown and the eye-ring deep red. There is a white line just under the eye, which extends behind the eye. It has a long and heavy tail, which is mostly green - the wing coverts are a darker metallic blue.

The Knysna Loerie has a tall, elegant, rounded crest, which is tipped white. The primary wing flight feathers are bright red - which can be seen when the bird is in flight. Usually seen flying between forest trees and hopping with agility in trees and along branches.

We were fortunate that Gerry got friendly with a local birder in Port Elizabeth and he told us the best place to find them close to where we were staying.

And his information was accurate and we were rewarded with some brilliant sightings of these very pretty birds!

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