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Our Jet Blue map


Almost there

The luggage arrives. Now we can go to our hotel

Yellow Bird Hotel

Dinner at Seahorse Restaurant

Our first sunset


Hearty breakfast

From our veranda


A brilliant day!

At JFK there was a strange arrangement for breakfast with ordering on an iPad and paying in person really required instructions. We got through the hassle with one too many meals. A couple sat next to us at a table and we shared our extra bacon-egg sandwich with them. They shared a Keebler chocolate chip cookie which they had brought for their breakfast. It is so much fun meeting people and hearing their stories.

The flight to Barbados was uneventful, but a bit boring for its four-hour duration. Traveling early in the day got us to our hotel by mid-afternoon despite the time shift of one hour forward (Atlantic time). Barbados is just a bit north of Venezuela and in the ‘lower Caribbean.’

We left three days before our cruise in the ‘lower Caribbean’ on Windstar’s Windsurf to be sure northern weather would not keep us off the ship and to have a few days in Barbados, our port of embarkation on Saturday.

Our stay is at the Yellow Bird Hotel with spectacular views of the beach and ocean at St. Lawrence Gap and lots of restaurants nearby. After a quick rest, we headed next door to savor a delicious meal at the Seahorse Restaurant as a stunning sunset graced our outside table.

After a great night’s sleep, we rose to breakfast and a brilliant blue sky day.

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