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WOW, are we learning a lot!!! Geography, history, geology, etc is much more interesting when you're actually there!

Panama, like the other Latin American countries, is populated with Mezitos, white, and black. No Chinese here. They have two seasons - rainy and dry. They speak Spanish. The are mostly Catholics but have freedom of religion. They use the US dollar.

Panama is a small country with only 3 million people.

What's been interesting on this trip is the emphasis on the indigenous people. All the countries we have visited have reached back to relate to their original roots. Some even still speak the old languages. The Spanish were here from the 1500's to the 1800's but are gone now and no one seems to miss them. When we visited Brazil, there wasn't this emphasis on the indigenous people.

So we docked here in Panama City and took a bus tour of the highlights of the city. We walked around Old Panama City and the Colonial section of town. The Old City was founded in 1671 but was burned by pirates, namely Captain Henry Morgan, British. The city was moved in 1673.

It was in the 90's today and very humid!

Just wait until you see the pictures!!!

Tomorrow we sail through the Panama Canal!!!

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