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Africa Darter

African Darter - beautiful markings when wings open and you get can...

Goliath Heron - the largest of the heron species

Goliath Heron in flight - gives you an idea of how large...

A pair of pied kingfishers- we got so close I could nearly...

Malachite kingfisher - parading it's new punk hairstyle!

Back on dry land - never again!!!!!

Let's do a canoe trip up the Sundays River Gerry says, it will be relaxing and fun. Mmm, I've never paddled a canoe in my life...when you want to go left you paddle right and when you want to go right you paddle left!!! OMG...trying to get my golf ball to go in the right direction is a challenge so I stood no chance!! That's ok, I'll do the paddling Gerry says and you just tell me which direction....well my only regret is that I didn't get any video or pictures of what happened next but we spent more time head first in the banks and reeds being rescued by our guide than actually gliding serenely down the river!!! It was definitely not relaxing but we did see some amazing birds up close and personal and Gerry got some great photos. Some of which I have attached.

The afternoon was much more civilized, we had some amazing sushi washed down with some

local craft beer at a fantastic country estate in Addo.

All in all a good day, just wont be going canoeing again any time soon!!!

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