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Train station in Granada on Lake Nicaragua

More of waterfront

Sunset from rooftop patio

Christmas tree on main squarre

First Christmas......Nativity

We have travelled by car (with Winston) via Managua to Leon. Managua is a very large city complete with all the fast food outlets and Walmart. It is on Lake Managua. The volcanoes we could see from Granada we drive towards as we head to Leon. We also pass a large 'sand' mountain. It is a sand mine.

Leon is also a large city with a prominent large white cathedral complex. In the old city....younger than Granada....streets are narrow. Sidewalks are narrow.

Our hotel is in an old colonial house again with multiple atria. Opposite our room is a pool. The water is warmed by the sun.

Our driver bought us a quesilla....tortillas wrapped around mozarella, chopped onions and cream. Delicious.

Now for a swim.

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