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Another sea day! We're sailing to Ecuador!

To entertain us this morning, the crew had all kinds of games available on deck. The sun was shining with temperatures in the 70's. It's humid of course but not bad. This afternoon the sun went behind the clouds.

The food remains excellent with a variety of choices, and with a specialty theme each day. Tonight we're going to Jacques Pepin's French Restaurant. Should be very nice. He is their host chef.

Entertaining us this afternoon were the enrichment lectures. One was on "The Spanish Quest for Gold". The main reason there are few artifacts left from the Incan Empire and the Aztec Empire in Mexico is that Spanish raided the temples and pyramids for gold then melted it down to take back to Spain.

The second lecture was "The River of Darkness: the Fantastic Amazon Voyage of Francisco Orellana". He was the first man (leader of a small group of men) who traveled from the Pacific to Atlantic using the Amazon River. But the river is so complex that it was not used regularly; nor is it today.

We haven't made it to one of the big shows at night. Too late. Tonight is "Broadway in Concert".

An interesting note: the sea is very calm so we feel almost no movement. Plus we hear no engine noise like we do when sailing on the small river boats!

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