Off to South America travel blog

Our second sea day. Time for relaxing. Tomorrow we arrive in Lima, Peru.

We start at the gym as usual. Coffee. Shower. Breakfast. Enrichment lecture. Coffee. Lunch. Enrichment Lecture. Read and blog. Nap. Dinner. What a great day!!

When we got up this morning the sun was shining. It was beautiful. It's not so sunny this afternoon. It's in the 70's and a little humid.

The first lecture today was "When Christians Turned Communist: Religious Revolution in Latin America". First the definition of Latin America: the group of countries in the western hemisphere where romance languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and French are predominately spoken. So it's Mexico, South America and most of the Caribbean nations.

It was a fascinating lecture but it's hard for me to relay it to you - to put it into my own words. Basically, (another very small nut-shell), in the 50's and 60's, bureaucratic authoritarianism was the rule of the day (pun intended). And with all of the latin american countries being largely catholic, the Pope was another layer of authoritarianism. The people revolted, with the help of some of the catholic priests, and turned to left-wing politics to get their say in government. They experimented with Marxism and communism to find a better way of life. Anyway, they have experienced the ups and downs of all developing nations.

The second lecture was "Charles Darwin in South America". Again, very interesting. The point being made (by the geologist lecturer) was that Darwin was more geologist than biologist - how Darwin mapped South America. We felt like we back at One-Day University.

Before dinner, the Captain of the Boat invited us all to a free cocktail hour where he introduced the major crew members - culinary, housekeeping, engine room, navigator, hostess, etc. There was no time to introduce all 800. There were also hot and cold appetizers passed around.

Last night's dinner at Toscana's was delicious (did you expect anything else?). We started with the calamari. Doug had the Osso Buco, veal shank. I had Veal Scaloppine with lemon sauce. And for dessert, I had Tiramisu and Doug had a chocolate tart. Of course we split each course so we get a taste of everything.

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