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Ok guys, form an orderly queue...

Mmm...is that the best you can do...I give it 4.5!!!

Lighthouse in the background on a dull and damp day....sun that came...


Sand dunes and rock pools of Cape Recife


What is going on with this weather, yet another wet and cloudy day, if it wasn't for the fact that it is 20 degrees warmer, we could be in the UK. But the locals are grateful to us for bringing them some of our rain....as they really need it!

Today we visited Cape Recife Nature Reserve, this is a 9km trail which goes along the coast through sand dunes and rock pools.

There is also an African Penguin sanctuary here, where orphaned and injured penguins are taken for recovery to return back to the wild or permanent residency if injuries too severe.

The lighthouse was built in 1851, the oldest in south Africa and is still manned by a light keeper who resides on site. Unfortunately, we couldn't look round as it's by appointment only.

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