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Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!!

Street Fair in Georgetown, Texas

Christmas time in Round Rock, Texas

Parked in Benson, Arizona (Night time)

Ice formation on Fountain outside clubhouse - Benson, AZ

Captain’s Log: 2019.12.25

Christmas has arrived and Dee Dee and I are hanging out in our Earthship enjoying a peaceful morning. Black Friday is behind us and all of the shopping push and shove is over except for one more day…the day after Christmas when the stores will once again be flooded with people returning the gifts they received in hopes that they can score a better deal as the stores unload their remaining Christmas inventory. We will not get involved in that sport. The sun is just coming up spreading glory all around us. It’s been gloomy and cooler for several days so it’s very much appreciated. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and realized all of your dreams and wishes but before we move on I need to bring you up to date on our travels.

As I said in my last log entry it was almost time for us to leave Stillwater, Oklahoma and on Monday, December 2nd we hitched up and headed south. Our goal was to spend some time near Georgetown, Texas which is a part of the greater Austin area. It wasn’t a long distance from Stillwater but we don’t travel fast so we stopped in Sanger, Texas for an overnight stay before we arrived in Jarrell, Texas. Jarrell is a very small community about 15 miles from Georgetown. Georgetown is a nice community and we’ve found it to be a bit more progressive, as is Austin, than much of the greater part of Texas. Georgetown qualifies as a 100 percent renewable energy user in Texas which means that the town produces more renewable energy than its customers use. Pretty impressive. Our son, Rich, came down from Oklahoma a few days after we arrived to spend some time exploring the area with us. During the week we attended a night-time street fair in Georgetown and then went to the nearby town of Round Rock for dinner.

We had a great time exploring the towns and neighborhoods in the area and after a week it was time once again to continue our travels. Rich headed back up to Stillwater, Oklahoma and we hitched up and headed toward Benson, Arizona where we have a lifetime lease lot at Saguaro SKP RV Park. On our way we did overnight stops at Junction and Fort Stockton while we made our way across Texas on Interstate 10. We worked our way around downtown El Paso where the traffic is said to be a nightmare and into New Mexico where we had one more overnight stop in Deming. A short way down the road from Deming we ran into a very bad section of Interstate 10 that stayed with us for about five to ten miles. In all fairness there was a sign on the freeway warning us about the rough road but “rough” was an understatement and if they felt they needed to warn us it was coming then why don’t they fix it. It was the worst section of road we have encountered in our travels but we got through it and moved on to the state of Arizona and the town of Benson. We arrived on Saturday, December 14th and immediately began the process of getting reacquainted with all of our friends in the park. One of our goals this year was to arrive back in the park before Christmas so we could be a part of the many Christmas activities just to see what it would be like. After we arrived we did get back into the swing with our volunteer activities but we did not get as involved in the many Christmas activities that we thought we might. We’re not recluses but we have found, over the years, that we enjoy quiet, peaceful, holidays rather than having them overfilled with activities. This is the earliest that we have arrived back in Arizona and we were looking forward to some warmer weather. The days were not to bad but, so far, the evenings have been mixed with some pretty cool weather. We have gotten up in the mornings to frost and even ice as you can see from the picture of the fountain that is just outside the clubhouse. We have to remember that it is December and winter does have an effect on the environment, even in Arizona. It’s kind of interesting because I’ve been monitoring the weather back in Texas and it has been warmer there then it has been here in Arizona.

We’ll be hanging out here in Arizona until sometime in March before we begin working our way back towards the Northwest where we plan on spending one more summer working as Camp Hosts at Jim Creek Navy Recreation Area near Arlington, Washington. That is the plan but you never know…we’ll see how it works out. Until next time…have a Happy New Year. ENJOY!

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