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December 20

Today we leave our lovely hotel for Nuremberg and the start of our cruise! We had purchased train tickets from Vienna departing at 10:15 and arriving Nuremberg @3:30pm; however in order to catch up with Martha (she had arrived yesterday) and to be sure to not miss the ship we decided to try to catch the 9:15. Arriving at the very large Vienna train station we searched for Rail Europe office only to find the first class lounge. As we had purchased second class the gentleman was not too eager to help us with our “inexpensive tickets” but did say we would have to talk to the conductor. So getting the track number we headed off to wait for the train. When the train arrived, we asked and were told that we were free to take the earlier train if there were empty unreserved seats. Finding seats we settled in for our four hour ride to Nuremberg. At our first stop in Germany, Passau, the train changed crew. Once we were rolling again, the conductor came thru to collect, confirm tickets. Looking at our tickets he asked why we were on this train and not the the next train? We told him we wished to get to Nuremberg earlier and to catch our cruise. He informed us that was not allowed. We then told him that the conductor in Vienna assured us it was okay as long as there were empty seats. He finally relented and said it was okay this time but not to try it again. Arriving an hour earlier than we thought we caught a taxi to the docks, called Martha and settled in on the AmaSonata for the next seven days! jc

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