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Galleries and Swimming

Day 94

Today we are going to have a day of culture so after breakfast we head to the South Bank and the Cultural Centre.

The GOMAB is the museum of Modern Art and the first building we come to. We enter a light and airy four storey building which is free to the public. The first exhibit is a 20-foot long sculpture of coral behind glass. There are examples of all the different corals we have seen whilst snorkelling and some we have not.

We spend at least two hours perusing the different galleries. There are examples of indigenous Australian art, including work by Albert Namatjira and others he influenced. This creates an excellent contrast with the historical decorated shields, swords and boomerangs on display.

There is an immersive animated installation by Nicolas Mole which we all enter, after removing our shoes. ‘The artist is watching us remove our shoes and laughing at us’ says Mark. I tend to agree as there appears to be no reason for us to have to do this. The colourful animation surrounds us and is very thought provoking.

The exhibit I find the most interesting is ‘Below the Tide Line’. This is a collaborative work from Indigenous Artists. Sculptures of sealife and coral have been made of ghost net (fishing nets that have been abandoned or lost, causing great harm to marine life) as a way to raise awareness about ocean pollution. The artwork display is spectacular and very thought provoking.

I suddenly realise Mark and Marcus are not with me and I go through each floor to try to find them. Unable to see them I assume they have left and gone to the lagoon as that was the plan. I saunter onto the beach but cannot find either of them. I wander back to the GOMAB and turn on my phone in case Mark is trying to reach me.

We keep missing each other and eventually after about an hour catch up with each other at the lagoon. Mark and Marcus were still in the gallery when I left, so it’s my fault we’ve been wandering around aimlessly for the last hour.

Changing we settle down on the beach for a lazy afternoon catching up with some reading. Marcus spends his time in the pool – he loves the water and is like a fish, has been since he was a toddler. Mark and I both join him at different times for a dip. The sun starts to go down and once it does, we pack up. I can’t believe people stay out here until midnight, I’d be too cold.

We all agree that Brisbane is a fantastic city and we have had a ball here, but tomorrow we set off on our travels again.

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