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Stairs at Battery area

Battery Payne area

Battery Info Sign

Battery Cullum, Sevier, Van Swearingen

Battery Cullum, Sevier, Van Swearigen

Historical Info Sign

Some part of the Fort

Rail tracks

Buildings near the Fort

View towards the Gulf of Mexico

It is difficult traveling with a dog because you can not take them with you to a lot of places. Therefore, Ernie and I have to take turns going to see certain sites. Like yesterday, i took off for a couple of hours to go see Fort Pickens, while he stayed at the trailer with our dog Dottie. I needed some space out of the trailer as Ernie had spent most of the morning trying to find a replacement for a Combination CO and propane alarm that had to be replaced. They only last for five years and it was beeping all the time so since it was almost five years since we bought the trailer he got a new one and installed it. It was cloudy yesterday, but warm and muggy. I like this weather more than the dryness of Montana.

Then when I got back to our trailer, Ernie took a turn to go over to the Fort Pickens area to look around.

He said he enjoyed it and had fun exploring down in the tunnels of the Fort.

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