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Our campsite

Sun Valley Lodge

Sigi Engl and his friend, Sepp Froehlich, were two of the Austrians...

A zamboni

Ryan Bradley

Nathan Chen

Sun Valley Summer Musical Festival


The Sun Valley Ice Show


My Ryan

Our Lady of the Snows

Meadows RV Park hasn’t changed. In fact I think it got seedier plus more expensive. However it is the only game in town. The new owner says things will change. She has big plans. Because of the large motorhomes around us we had no TV, no cable the first day. Fortunately they left the next day so things got better.

We made reservations for the ice show again, this time choosing just the show sitting on the side bleachers but we reserved stadium seats and we found them. The headliner of the show again was Nathan Chen. At rehearsal that afternoon we saw him perform incredible feats. But much to my delight the local star was none other than Ryan Bradley. I was so excited to see him skate again. The show itself was outstanding, loved every minute of it. And I got my picture taken with Ryan again.

Also outstanding is the concert orchestra. The Sun Valley Summer Musical Festival was in full swing and we took advantage of their fine sounds.

We ate most of our meals at the Sun Valley Lodge bar either indoors or outdoors. Food was delicious.

We started to organize things to sell. I did give the 2 little girls next to us the first day the Polly Pockets I had for my granddaughters. At one point we had Tim and Lia from Boise and their friends Bud and Laurie full timers next door to us. They shopped at our first yard sale. So busy we never made it to the Elk Horn Grill for hamburger night.

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