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Crater Lake



Indian snow--Apache here and apache there

Dick and friend

Crater Lake Lodge



St. Francis Catholic Church

Our campsite. Notice the "grass".

We detoured to Crater Lake National Park this morning just to see it again. Crater Lake is higher still, 7129 feet and we towed the trailer. We noticed that there was no trash on the sides of the road. That’s because there are trash picker uppers on bicycles. The destination today was The Camp at Bend OR, a very expensive place even more expensive on weekends. It’s a small RV park in the middle of Bend with an odd entrance. The GPS told us to come one way but another way looked shorter. That was a mistake as it made getting into the park very difficult. The park is well appointed and manicured, so much so, that it doesn’t have real grass. The front level side to side stopped working but later on fixed itself. A tree and a building blocked satellite access. But we paid for 2 nights.

I went to Mass at St. Francis on Sunday, a beautiful but very conservative parish. We ubered to Zydecko, another triple D place. This was the first time we had an uber driver who really didn’t know exactly where he was going. He drove around the block several times then dropped us off on the wrong street. Dick had the salmon which was excellent and I had jambalaya, also very good but way too filling.

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