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Yolo County Campground in Woodland

Our campsite

The golden Tower Bridge across the Sacramento River

Some of the lovely homes in Woodland



Sin of Cortez in Chico

Latino breakfast quesadilla

Blueberry cornmeal pancakes

The new decals


Coming to Sacramento we had the flights from hell. But we arrived in daylight, the truck started, the RV worked and we drove only 6 miles to the Yolo County Fairgrounds. The California State Fair was in full swing at Cal Expo and we couldn’t stay there. The truck needed work done anyway, including draining the DEF, and we liked and trusted the Chevy dealer in Woodland. And Andy and his family were still at Buck’s Lake and wouldn’t be back till Sunday night. It was a fortuitous decision to stay there.

The saga of the truck: The service appointment didn’t go well. Richard waited but the truck was not ready and finally the dealer brought him home. The next day the dealer pronounced that work was completed. Dick wasn’t 5 miles from the dealership when the check engine light came on. He drove back to the dealership immediately. They found that they had not tightened a line properly so DEF spewed all over the engine compartment. So more time at the dealership for the truck. The dealer gave us a loaner truck. And we finally picked up our truck Monday afternoon.

Andy and Lucas came back from Buck’s Lake Sunday night so Monday we took Lucas to lunch. Where else but In-n-Out Burger and Leatherby’s. Finally Laura and Avery came home so we spent some time with them till they flew to Hawaii. There was one soccer game and one dinner.

The saga of the decals: While Dick was waiting for the truck on Friday he met a man, John, who knew a company, Local Legends, that did decal work and said that they were very good. So Dick called and the owner, Alex, came over to give us an estimate. We felt it fair so we hired them. They said they had some other work right now but were sure they could finish the job before we wanted to get on the road. Scheduled dates July 19, 20, 22. They came July 19 but were no-shows the other two days. Long story short after scheduling and rescheduling, they finished the evening before we wanted to leave and they did an excellent job. I wished I had taken pictures of the progress.

Meanwhile, the water heater sprung a leak. We found RV Time, a handyman company run by Matthew and his wife, Ashley. They replaced the water heater and did some other maintenance for a mere $1300.

All in all we spent 2 weeks in Woodland so we got to know the town pretty well. I went to 2 Masses at Holy Rosary Church. We ate at the Burger Saloon, Maria’s Cantina for Taco Tuesday, Father Paddy’s Irish Pub, our favorite Riverside Clubhouse in Sacramento, ordered in Steve’s pizza and Panda Express. We drove to Chico one day to eat at Sin of Cortez, a triple D place. Finally on July 25 we hooked up and hit the road.

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