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Day 10 - Tuesday 19th November

Well we’ve reached the turning point of the trip in one way. We now turn North back up the East side of Belgium. The main point of coming to Luxembourg was to fill up the motorhome with diesel which we did this morning. I was hoping to make it here before buying any at all but unfortunately I had to put some in on the way yesterday. Diesel here is 40cents a litre cheaper than in France & most of Belgium so the tankful this morning saved about €30.

We weren’t keen on going into Luxembourg City itself so decided to take the scenic route up North through the “Vallee De Sept Chateau”. The Aire here last night was great, a special four place site right beside the road, & we were the fourth ones to get there. A fair bit of traffic noise but it died down until the morning.

The day was completely different to yesterday, the sun was out & it was warmer although we did pass snow on the higher ground along the way. Our only problem was the fog & mist during the morning & unfortunately we only saw one of the seven chateaus along the valley. It was a lovely drive though with the sun, the fog & the trees.

We did stop at a Lidl’s for shopping & then for coffee at a McDs before turning back along the road to Bastogne in Belgium. Unfortunately they were having trouble with all their electrics but one of the managers set up his phone as a hot spot so we could get on the Internet.

We made it to Bastogne at lunch time. It is famous for it’s part in the second War where the Battle of the Bulge ( not the Weight Watchers fight!) centred round. We stayed here three years ago so had visited the museum & other sights so we just stopped for lunch at a little Chinese restaurant. Unfortunately Wetherspoons don’t have a restaurant here so it was quite expensive but it made a nice change.

We headed North again stopping only at a McDs again for coffee etc. The Wi-fi worked here so we made use of it & the facilities. It soon gets dark in the afternoon so by the time we stopped for the night it was well past lighting up time. Our Aire for the night in Barvaux was a special motorhome area at the back beside the river Ourerth. It was empty apart from us & it is a pay & display park. The only problem was that the ticket machine had the money slot sealed over & the sign indicated that you needed to pay by phone using an App. I couldn’t connect to the App Store on line to download the app so I couldn’t pay. I stuck a note on our windscreen to say we had tried to pay but we didn’t see anybody who could help us & no one came round.

Mileage today - 107

Total mileage - 742

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