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Day 9 - Monday 18th November

It was raining when we woke & it rained all day until midday when it turned to light slushy snow. Just Before we left our riverside site at Bogny a little bakers van pulled up behind our pitch & sounded it’s horn, apparently a regular caller to the motorhomes parking here. So we had a nice crispy fresh baguette from the lady driver for today.

We followed the river through the trees & hills back into Belgium as it wiggled its way along. We ere confused at first till we realised that the river was known in France as the Semoy & in Belgium as the Semois. It was a pretty & picturesque drive through as it twisted its way through the lovely autumn colours of the trees, with very little traffic.

We realised why we kept seeing big warning signs along the roadside as they are carpeting the ground & in the wet they are a hazard although the roads are kept clear.

Had to stop a couple of times to add a bit of diesel as we were running on red a lot of the way. I was hoping to get to Luxembourg before filling up as the price per litre is around €1.11 whereas in France and near the French border in Belgium it is €1.52. A big difference when you put in 70 litres.

Just before we got to the border with Luxembourg we found a McDonald’s so we stopped for the usual, coffee, Wi-fi & a wee. First chance to catch up with the Internet for a few days. A warm shelter from the snow before heading across to an Aire in Luxembourg for the night & hopefully cheap fill up of diesel.

Mileage today - 104

Total mileage - 635

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