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Cabin in the Rainforest, Killaloe

Day 75

Well it’s goodbye Cairns, hello Northern Queensland. Once the car is packed, we set off north towards our next Airbnb in Killaloe near Port Douglas.

First stop is Palm Cove, one of Cairns’ Northern beaches. Palm cove is an upmarket beach resort, essentially one big promenade along Williams Esplanade, packed with people and with a great vibe. Mark parks the car at the Northern end of the beach by the small jetty where we can see fishermen sat with rods. A stroll down the pier shows no fish have been caught and the talk is that they’ll pack up and come back this ‘arvo’.

The beach is lovely, soft and white with palm trees and other exotic looking plants along the esplanade. We walk along paddling in the edge of the water, not daring to go in to far as again there are danger signs advising about crocs and stingers. Vinegar is also provided every few yards at the edge of the beach in case of a jelly fish sting.

Many of the beach front hotels have beach beds, brollies and boats out on the shore line and there is a net out for bathers. This is a lovely holiday resort for a beach holiday. As well as the hotels, cafes and restaurants there are picnic area with gas BBQ’s provided along the front. We are amazed how well public facilities are looked after. Nothing is broken or vandalised including the public toilets, changing rooms and showers.

Moving on we drive along Captain Cook Highway past Ellis beach to Rex Lookout. Mark pulls over into the small parking space and we carefully cross to the other side of the road. The view of the deserted beach met by the rainforest is to die for. This view cannot be seen driving north as it is behind you so the pull in is ideal.

On nearing Port Douglas, we see a sign for Four Mile Beach and drive down. Although a lovely long, white sandy beach the sea is not suitable for swimming so we decide to head into the sophisticated town of Port Douglas. We stop for lunch and then drive up the headland to the view point overlooking Four Mile beach.

Parking by the beach we find changing rooms, toilets and showers, change into swimwear and head for the sea. There is a net about 100 square yards in total watched over by life guards. This does however mean that we can swim in the sea. The water is warm like a bath and Marcus is able to spend 2 hours swimming, bobbing up and down in the waves and playing catch with Mark.

After some time in the sea I sunbath on the sand which is like icing sugar, soft and very fine. The afternoon is spent relaxing and enjoying the warm sun, sand and sea.

The Airbnb is a few miles from Port Douglas, in the rainforest above the sugar fields. On arriving we are met by Thomas, our host who shows us around the property. We are delighted with what we find. A beautiful wooden traditional Queenslander house in the rainforest with brand new kitchen, bathroom and veranda overlooking the views. What a find at £20 each a night with breakfast also provided.

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