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The Chateau in Spontin & Monument to German Atrocity in the Village

Our Camp in Durnal

The Closed Gardens At Les Jardins D’Annevoie

“Grotte le Merveilleuse”

Down The “Grotte le Merveilleuse”


Day 7 - Saturday 16th November

Bright but cold & frosty start to the day. Lovely morning with lovely views out over the valley as we are now half way up a hill. The site is very quiet but we do see one other motorhome drive out before us. We had coffee & toast before moving down to the service area to drain the waste water & fill up the fresh water tanks. I took the opportunity to wash off some of the dirt that has collected over the last week, on the motorhome that is, I showered dirt off last night. I also emptied the toilet cassette last night so we are set for the next few days.

The plan today was to drive to the nearby town of Spontin to see the big old chateau there & then move on to Les Jardins d’Annevoie to see the water gardens there & then drive down the river Meuse to a town called Dinant. Well we saw the chateau & the gardens but both were closed for the winter so we only got to see them from the outside. The scenery has changed a lot now especially along the river with rocky cliffs along the banks, very pretty.

We got to Dinant about lunch time & after a short drive round to orientate ourselves we went up to the impressive citadelle fort perched on a rocky outcrop high above the town. The citadelle is only open to 4.30pm at this time of year so we decided to go back down into town & visit the “Grotte le Merveilleuse” which is a set of caves in the cliffs. We got to go down into the caves with a mixed group of Dutch, French & US tourists which our tour guide managed to speak to in three different languages as he explained the history & highlights of the caves.

We have noticed on our way round the country so far is the different languages that are used some seem to use mainly Dutch while others seem more French based. Fortunately for us English is widely understood. How our tour guide at the caves managed to keep switching from Dutch to French & then to English was most impressive.

It was late in the afternoon by the time we surfaced so a visit to the Lidl store was called for as they close on Sundays & we needed a few bits of food for the next couple of days. After the shopping we headed back to the car park at the citadelle where we tucked ourselves away in a corner & set up for the night. I have a good stock of TV series & movies on a hard drive that connects to our TV so we have plenty to watch. Last night we watched the new version of Dumbo, not as good as the original.

Mileage today - 34

Total mileage - 480

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