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Kortrijk Old Bridge

Lazy Dog Carriage

Tournai Belfty

Motorhome Aire For The Night At Peruweis

Day 3 - Tuesday 12th November

We decided to take a walk into the old part of the city & visit the tourist office. We got there a bit early as the didn’t open till 10o/c but managed to log on to their Wi-fi. The tourist offices are usually handy for Wi-fi & toilets as well as the local information. There wasn’t much to spark our interest apart from the impressive buildings around the main square & the old river bridge with it’s guard towers so we decided to have coffee & then push on towards Tournai, the next big town on our route.

Something went wrong with the car park ticket machine & it charged us €15 instead of the €10 it was supposed to be but as it was all done with a machine & our credit card we didn’t get to query it.

We headed to a possible overnight stop in a large open car park close to the centre of Tournai which had a special area for motorhomes. We decided to walk into the historic centre & check out their tourist office to see what Tournai had to offer. It’s strange but like in Kortrijk there were very few people about & most of the shops & restaurants were closed. The tourist office was open but again nothing really tempted us to stay long.

We did find a supermarket that was open but apart from that we decided to go up the tall Belfry Tower beside the great big cathedral. Rather I decided to go up the 257 stone steps that wound their way up inside a very narrow circular staircase. Viv did start up with me but decided that half way was enough for her. I carried on to the top & was rewarded with some great views from the outside balcony.

There didn’t seem much point in staying in Tournai overnight so we opted to push on South to an Aire in a marina beside the canal at Peruweis close to the French border. Even came across a Lidl store on the way. We got to park up right beside the canal on one side with a small marina of various boats on the other side. Even got an electrical hookup plus toilets all for €6. There were about six other motorhomes staying there with us.

It was a nice sight seeing the barges making their way serenely along the canal. All seemed to have a small car parked on the cabin roof at the stern. Must be a nice life.

Mileage today - 40

Total mileage - 300

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