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And there is the Gulf...right out our front windshield

Lunch at Slap Ya Mama's

On the deck to watch sunset

With Ziva

The color at sunset

Lunch from the upper deck at Shaggy's Gulfport

Sunset (Wednesday) from the deck

Monday was our last full day in Foley. We were out and about a little, after I went to pick up the truck. The battery had been down but they put a full charge on it on Saturday and on Monday morning there had been no loss and nothing was drawing on the battery from the two external items we have added to assist towing. A few groceries were necessary so a trip to Publix. We have been impressed with our exposure to Publix. We also discovered that milk in Foley is unbelievably high. One half gallon was $ 3.10. That was about the same as WalMart. No clue about why, but after getting milk in Indiana for $ 0.49 for a half gallon...I can only scratch my head.

Then we set about deciding where we would eat a last dinner in Gulf Shores. We decided on the Sassy Bass Amazin' Grill. It is located about 15 miles west of Gulf Shores on the spit of land that closed up the bottom part of Mobile Bay. The smaller bay in the SE corner of the bay is called Bon Secour Bay. The Sassy Bass is about two miles from Fort Morgan which is at the extreme western tip of the spit of land. It was a beautiful drive with the Bay and the Gulf at times being visible at the same time. And to say there were some fancy houses, condo's and also some old time shacks would be a significant understatement. Anyway, we had looked at the menu and had a good idea of what we wanted when we arrived. However, when we arrived we discovered the Monday special. Grilled shrimp (10) over yellow rice with sautéed vegetables for $ 9.99. We have had a lot of shrimp over the previous week or so but this was the absolute best we had in Gulf Shores. We were disappointed we did not discover Sassy Bass until the last evening. With the end of DST our drive home at 5:45 was in the dark. Then it was time to watch the Cowboys on television. Showers and some initial efforts to start packing for Tuesday's travel took the rest of the evening.

Tuesday morning we started the process of packing up after twelve days in one spot. It takes a little longer to pack up chairs, tables along with all the dismantling for moving. But it was not an issue, since our travel was only 110 miles. We finished packing, changing clothes and hooking up the car and left just before 11:00 a.m. So, we were on the road and moving toward I-10. At I-10 we passed the only Buc-ee's outside Texas. Since we are watching what we eat...we did not stop. Getting into Mobile marked the first time I have driven several miles over the bridge across Mobile Bay. Then we followed that up with the tunnel under the Mobile River. Major driving accomplishments and we were only half way to Biloxi. We arrived at our home in Biloxi at Gulf Beach Resort just before 1:00, which is their published check-in time. We pulled over to our site, unhooked and were set up by a little after 2:00. I got a picture of the view out the front windshield. If I expanded the picture it got too blurry, but you get the idea that we can see the Gulf out the windshield.

We then headed out for lunch and decided on a not-shrimp restaurant and chose Slap Yo Mama's BBQ. We loved the sign that said Butts, Butts, and more Butts. However, the food we got was just okay (for me - Sue didn't like it), it was not Whole Hog.

We then went back and checked on Ziva and then set out for a drive to look around. We stayed on Highway 90 until we got to Bay St. Louis. Then it was back to the Bus...only 26 miles from where we turned around. We are in awe of the local architecture. However, we noticed that there are a lot of vacant lots for sale with views of the Gulf. We think that these are lots that had houses before Katrina and have just decided not to rebuild. But anyway, the trip was fascinating and we loved it. When we arrived back it was time to take Ziva for a quick walk before dark. We ended up on the deck close to the swimming pool sitting in high back chairs watching the cloud formations at sunset. I got several pictures but chose the one after the selfie to share the beauty. We were able to attach Ziva's leash to the chairs and she enjoyed looking around the entire time. Then back to the Bus to prepare for the UA basketball game. We enjoyed the game...since a Razorback team finally won a game. Then it was bedtime.

Today it was time to sit around and enjoy the beauty of the day. We headed out about lunch to grab a few things at WalMart and then back to the Bus. After arranging everything we were off to Shaggy's in Gulfport. The picture is from our table on the second level, overlooking the street and the beach. We had shrimp quesadillas...a first for us, and it will not be the last.

Then back to the Bus. Sue stayed at the Bus and I ran to the local GMC dealership to get the oil changed in the Canyon. I was back by 4:30 and Ziva and I got in a walk before dark. Sue and I then went to one of the local casinos...a smokeless casino...woohoo. We were back by 8:00. Ziva and I got in a quick walk and we settled in.

Tomorrow is a travel day. We will be driving into rain and cooler weather. After arriving in Conway on Friday the low will be in the mid to upper 20's. Lloyd will be at our Bus on Sunday morning to work on the Aqua Hot. The pump needs to be adjusted and for sure by Monday and Tuesday nights with lows in the teens. Tough weather in a motor home. Oh, wow...home for doctors and sub freezing weather, what a great combination...oh, well it is bedtime for tomorrow's travel day.

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