Croatia and Greece Fall 2019 travel blog

The view of the Parthenon from our balcony

Hadrian's Arch

The Parthenon from a park in town

The Temple of Zeus (which was never completed)

What happens when an old column falls over

John & Lois at the Temple of Zeus

Some ruins that can be viewed from the basement of our hotel

John writing

We arrived in Athens in the late afternoon on Tuesday November 5, and by the time we got a taxi into town, checked into the hotel and unpacked, it was dark and time for supper. Our room has a balcony, and from there we have a view of the Parthenon. We got advice from the people at the front desk of the hotel, and walked about 15 minutes to an area with a choice of restaurants. We chose a humble traditional restaurant and ordered some Greek dishes. I didn't care much for mine, but Lois liked it more than her meal, so we traded. We slept in today and went out for breakfast at a Greek restaurant just a 5 minute walk from our hotel. I had an omelet with tomatoes and mushrooms, and Lois had a crepe with cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms. It's nice to have food with different flavors. After breakfast we went for a walk to a park that had a number of old ruins. This evening (Wed. Nov. 6) we met the Road Scholar group which has 31 people, much larger than any other trip we have been on. Tomorrow the group will walk to and tour the Parthenon, and a couple of museums. Friday we board the ship.

We will tell the saga of our baggage fees another day.

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