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see - told you - just like it was on Friday

from the Lookout west of Maleny

very peaceful

from the lookout towards the Glasshouse Mtns

Oh and don’t forget - Monday it’s all got to be like it was.

Soooooo. Sunday morning - - - remove the bride and groom (sent them off somewhere else), remove all the teenagers who have planes to catch and exams to prepare for and assignments due in a day, grab wire cutters to remove greenery, grab rubbish bins for all the stuff we don’t want to go back to Bne, check the photos to see where the old stuff has to go back to, start up the "biological engines”, only about 20 people left now, - - - and - - - - 3 and a half hours later it's all done, hall cleaner than it was, sand pit reconstructed, kid's swing back in the tree, macadamia equipment back where it should be, everything "hunky dory” - - now can we have a sleep????

Jan and Ron went back to Bob's for the afternoon and stayed overnight. After lunch we took time for a rest then went for a drive late in the afternoon for a coffee and trip to the Lookout.

Great way to spend a quiet weekend when there's nothing else to do.

See you all next trip.

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