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the boys are ready

the caterers are ready

the bar-b-q is ready

the guests are ready

"let's do it"

and so they became "man and wife"

making it official on paper

Mr and Mrs Gibson greet Mr and Mrs Gibson

wonder what they are thinking!!!!!!!

the Gibsons - Tim and Izzy will wed middle of next year

The Ozzie cousins (minus Brenna and Chloe back in the US)

Brenna (on right) and Chloe - in Connecticut USA

Brett, Lindsay and the girls last Christmas

The Armstrongs enjoying the day

Gibsons Armstrongs and some Hardies

Ally's family

with Jenny's family

very proud grandparents

two very happy Grandpas

Mitchie Pressie church young people

Hanna (bridesmaid) showing off her flower bouquet

the happy Gibbos

time for afternoon tea

afternoon tea - casual style

waiting for the bus

Come the big day we left our overnight accommodation at Mapleton 26km north from Maleny, and headed to the wedding about 2:00pm

The Wedding was at 2:30pm

John Armstrong (Micah's uncle) officiated and did a superb job as always.

Those who were invited to the service and afternoon tea left their cars at the Maleny UCA and were brought by bus to the farm - two trips were needed. There just wasn't enough room on the farm for all the cars.

Marquees were set up for the afternoon tea and blankets were spread so people could lounge around, chat, drink and eat.

At 5:00 the bus runs started in reverse to take the folk back to their cars.

The pics should tell a better story - - that is, if you didn't look at the pictures first.

(Like I said - you're more interested in my pics than my words)

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