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bride and groom - to be

Bob's macadamia shed

hang it here should do

ladders, tables, check

we'll need some extra lights

bit of ironing to take out the wrinkles

better feed the multitude

Bob checking up on the macadamia jar preparation

nearly done

Ally and her mum, Suzie

keeping the small fry occupied

even the amenities got a "makeover"

nothing overlooked

flowers ready for tables

better do a run through so we know what to do tomorrow

Hi all

Ever wondered what we get up to on the weekends?

Well here’s one with a difference.

Wait until a few days before the wedding.

Select a Bride and Groom - - Ally King and Micah Gibson will do.

On Friday take a Maleny Macadamia processing shed, push the equipment into a corner, remove everything in the room, stuff it somewhere else, hang some ladders from the roof trusses, poke in some greenery, hang some lights, bring in some hired tables and chairs, light a few candles AND IT’S DONE for a reception room.

Outside - - - find a large shady fig tree, remove the kids sandpit and store the sand and truck tyre in the back of a ute, take down the kids swing, stick enough jars of flowers on the old leaning bar-b-q so no one recognises it, use those same chairs that they got for the reception, throw down a few carpets on the grass so the bride thinks she is walking down the aisle - and - voila. IT’S DONE - a suitable place for the ceremony.

“Seemple” said the meerkat. It only needed a few groomsmen for the week before, and about 35 people for all of Friday running around like scalded meerkats to get it done.

SIMPLE - - and worth it. What a fantastic day and night.

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