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Finally home after 22 hours since we first got up.

It is always a great time to be home, have nice cup of tea and get into your own bed.... bliss.

Having left most of our stuff down in the front room and clambered into the bed.

The 06;30 alarm was most unwelcomed as I start back to work.

Already planning next vacation either Japan and China and or Botswana, Namibiaand South Africa.

India is an experience everything there seems to be at the opposite and extreme ends of the spectrum with no middle ground. Everything appears as if in disorganised chaos which seems to reach a goal some time later, no exactly as planned or where, but near enough to be consider being successful. If there's a problem throw more people at it. There are a few million people to choose from. Do not worry about customer service as long as five or six people can do the job of one then all is well with the world. It also seems as if as long as it is not in my house/hut/tent then there is no problem. And yet if it is outside their house/hut/shant then they cannot see, smell, taste hear or touch it, it is like the emperors clothes!!!!!

Yet the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and feel of the country are the ones that will endure. I love the colours, vibrancy, the love of the people, their desire to speak to us, have photos with us, and learn what is beyond their lives. It was brilliant, tiring, enpowering, wonderful engineering kept to its simpleness, but also an environmental catastrophe.

You should do it without prejudice but just let the experience run over you, it may sometimes be a very challenging and sobering experience but that's what travelling provides.

Loved it, be writing again on our next journey.

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