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Woke at 3:30 to start our journey back to UK. Bell boy on time and Taxi was soon rushing us back to the airprot.

Enroute we saw one last festival still going on with lots of people and it was 05:00 in the morning!!!!Got to to airport in good time to get through the rafter of security checks and re checks, just in case you had walked more than 3 meters without a check!!!it is madness I will be witing to Prime Minister Modha and informing him of the 75% performance improvements I can get with a reduction in 95% of staff. Unfortunately the unemployment rate will saw but if they pay the 1 rupee a day wage in social it will have no noticeable impact on costs, but will provide more speedy access and egress and service to the visitors to this wonderful country.

Anyhow as I settled back in the seat I fell asleep almost immediately. I was equally as surprised when I was awoken in a very short period of time. I thought the flight was 4 hours to Delhi and yet an hour later we were there!!!!

No we was not there we had landed at Cochin to fill the plane back to Delhi, oh well just in time for breakfast and you guessed it it was a vegetable curry mmmmmm. I think the smell on the plane was worst.

Finally landed in Delhi, which was fortunate as the smog had yet to build and the planes were still flying.

Delhi offered a last opportunity to shop as well as getting some normal sandwiches???? no way all sandwiches were currified or special sauce, so Alsion and Zoe left to starve on the plane as the main meals were CURRY mmmmmmm

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