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Bringing the fish in

All for one and one for all

Fishers of men

Nearby Heron ready for scraps

Elephants bathing

Wash time

Make up on

Large bull elephant eating

Kerala back waters

Alison and Zoe on the King Fisher Beer

Up early today and witnessed the local village bringing in the nets which had spanned across our bay.

With up to thirty men pulling the nets and others splashing outside the nets, it made quite intimate view of local subsistence. The catch was hardly worth their effort with many small fish being captured. After being shared out to all the people pulling the nets they may have had ten small fry each.

Met up with Colin and Zoe, only to find Zoe had got sun burn, also got bitten by mozzies something she had never suffered before. Alison was also bitten.

I headed back for breakfast and my ten sprats as we had to leave as . we had a booked a taxi to take to the elephant sanctuary.Whipped through breakfast and still negotiating with hotel taxi driver regarding today’s travelling expectations.

We headed to the elephant sanctuary which took approx 45minutes. Luckily we got ther about 09:30 to witness the washing of the elephants by 9am, y 10am.

It was magically to see the discussions between the mahouts and their elephants.

Following heir bathing they came up to undertake breakfast and finallyby mahouts riding being the ears of the elephants,around the sanctuary.

Following more opportunities for capturing the shot, we headed to the Kerala back waters. This part of the tour was privately organised by our driver as a special option and to pay him what we thought of the trip.

He lead us to a hotel and walked down to the back water where a negotiated ride on a boat for an hour was agreed. It seems as if a 4 hour trip what what the owner had wanted, but we only wanted a hour.

The little boat seemingly on a short program, headed into the mangrove swamp in the wrong direction to all other traffic. But this now normal operation as the same lack of rules appall on the road as they do I water.

We saw a variety of birds, fish eagles, black kites, white stork, kingfishers, and even a rat and water snake. Neither of which was I quick enough to photograph.After another illegal beer purchase we headed back to the taxi. There was still time for Alison and Zoe to get some shopping in.

It was quite interesting to get a feel for the backwaters, but initial idealistic thoughts of quiet remote wilderness has been somewhat squashed by the very busy and noisy commercial offering we received.

On arrival back to the hotel, the sun was still out so some R&R, and catching up on blog before high tea in the club. An area to which we had not been previously allowed to go into.

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