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What a difference a day makes!!!!

Sea Eagle flies by

Taking a paddle

Splashing about

Fisherman coming in

Small catch

Ignore all safety signs

Newspaper clipping of cyclone

Evening entertainment

More dancing

Today is our first day for relaxing, did not set any alarms and woke at 08:30, then down to breakfast consisting of juice, freash fruit, choco chips, omlette, toast, marmalade and variety of tea cakes, washed down with several cups of English breakfast tea. We are then down to the beach for some sun bathing, as today is the first day we have seen sun, since two days before. The news was full of the deaths and destruction that the cyclone had caused along the south west corner of India.

Whilst laying on the beds on our private beach, with a now calm sea we just watched the world go by. The ossasional interest was raised when the fisherman returned with their daily catch. It was interesting to watch the hierarchy of control, as the fish were divided out.With the fisherman and his family having first pick, then the beach master having his pick and then it appeared that the old matriarch determined who had what and at what price.

After a short period of sunbathing, even Zoe got a little burnt as we hid under the umbrellas to catch some zzzzzs by the sea. Alison ordered a snack which turned out to be a sea food banquet, with Lobster, tiger prawns, fresh stir fry vegetables and some wedges and rice, Along with a cocktail t

At 4pm Colin andI had booked a Swedish massage and Zoe a facial. After an hour of massage from head to toe in rose petal oil, Colin and I came out shiny and as flexible as our credit cards. Zoe not only was given a facial, but her legs, neck and shoulder all received some treatment. Alison just relaxed by the pool.

On meeting up with Alison I spent some time trying to photograph the fish eagles that constantly fly around the headland as well as the fruits bats. As sunset, I took some photographs of the setting sun with and without Alison.

We had a latestish evening meal down at the seafood restaurant “Tides”. The food was a cross between fresh fish and Thai v INdo CHina meals. We opted for a range of styles so that we could taste some different flavours. It seems that we had been constantly eating India Buffett style and was pleased for the simple, plain Jane fish chicken and prawns.

Also of worthy note, on the first of every month there is a dry day, by which no alcohol is served anywhere. So as the evening meal approached we had to endure mocktails, as No alcohol is served as the Kerala government was trying to reduce alcoholic intake, what a time to do it.

Despite finishing by 09:30 and murdering some USA and English hits played out of an Electronic keyboards, we had an enjoying evening finished off by playing Cards. For the first time I went to bed and slept without heartburn.

This may be because I had not curry alternative during the day and no kingfisher beer, but which one is causing me the heartburn.'!!!!!!!.

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