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Tuesday - Oct 28th - we awoke to snow. Sorta pretty I...


Wednesday the craft room baseboard was finished


Thursday Ann finished painting the last of the pocket doors


Today I finished the guest bath baseboard and vanity doors were put...

Waiting for new granite top

Ann began staining the fireplace mantles using gel stain.

Yikes! On Tuesday we woke to a cotton pickin’ winter wonderland. 4” of the dang white stuff and it’s still October. It’s pretty and all but October! Didn’t really need to shovel the stuff as it melted fast and a good thing too... I have no idea where the shovels are buried in the storage unit. And then on Thursday another 2”. Sheepishly I had to ask my neighbor for one of my shovels back I gave him as we will have little need for more than one. Snow removal is included in the association fee ;)

As I had mentioned earlier, there will be a bit of a lull as we wait for the kitchen cabinets. Ann and I are now at the point of doing more tedious work as she finished painting the four pocket doors that had to be done by brush and roller and not sprayed. She also has started gel staining our fireplace surrounds. I have been painting and laying all the baseboard in the craft room and closet and also the guest bath. There are a few minor touch ups yet but for the most part those rooms are now done. We will be putting a granite countertop, under mount sink, and a new faucet in the guest bath.

I plan to lay baseboard room by room. Next will be the bedroom hall and closet.

Hoping for a little warmth, later.....

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