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Boat Route Map From Copa to Isla del Sol

Hi-Speed Hydrofoil Returning to Copa

Isla Sol is the two little dots in the distance (to the...

! Warning ! - Boat Motion Can Induce Total Relaxation

Isla Sol Map which shows the hiking trail(s) & red-roofed buildings

The Midlands Hiking Trail

We Disembarked at White Boat Near Red-Roofed Buildings

Hop-Along Hopping Along

Stopping to Chat with a Local

And a Couple Others

Looking Back to Where We Started the Hike

Reached the Maximum Elevation of the Hike

View Back Towards, and Down to Harbor for Return Boat to, Copa

Titicaca Grebe

Water Taxi Stand at Isla Sol

Snow-Capped Andes Across The Lake

Used our boat ride ticket to Isla del Sol; ~12km from Copa. A rapid ride (as on the Hydrofoils we watched fly by us) our boat was not; took more than an hour to go ~7 miles, or in nautical terms our boat 'trolled' along at 5 knots/hr. It was a leisurely ride, and managed to transport Lidia to lullaby land.

The Isla Sol trip entailed the roundtrip boat ride and a hike from the Sol disembarkation point to the embarkation point. Approaching the island it became obvious that the hike was not a leisurely stroll along the beach. Nope, it would be a steep, rocky climb up from the dock; ~75 foot vertical. Then a 3/4 mile long gradual uphill walk cresting a few hundred feet in elevation. Obviously we would then have to descend those few hundred feet in elevation to get back to the boat at water level; the distance covered only another 1/2 mile and so was steeper. To board the boat we had ridden over on, the hike had to be completed in an hour; quite an undertaking if wearing a walking foot cast; e.g. Lidia. Luckily there was a boat disembarking an hour later than ours, upon which we could return to Copa; that gave us 2 hours to do the hike.

Great views from the highlands, and a couple little stores where we could replenish our water bottles.

Lidia was happy to have great views of many Titicaca Grebes; a rare species found only in certain areas of Peru & Bolivia. The lake water is so clear that we could watch the grebes dive down to lake bottom and forage about for food. The bottom being 15-20 feet down where they would stay for 2-3 minutes.

Back for a relaxing dinner at our hotel dining room overlooking the lake at sundown.

Tomorrow we have arranged for a local taxi driver to take us directly to the La Paz airport for a flight to Sucre.

Ciao for now

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