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We slept better last night, except for Zoey. She had an upset tummy and got me up twice for an emergency trip outside. Even though I had to get dressed to take her out, I would rather do that than clean up a mess. But gosh it was really cold! So no special treats for Zozo today, straight dog food, so I can (hopefully)sleep through the night.

We got to sleep in a little, until 0700. And we were underway at 0900. It was 30 degrees and we had a heavy frost. It wasn't on the road though. The weather was sunny and clear again today.

This morning about 10 miles into the trip we saw a whole herd of elk grazing in a pasture just a 100' off the road. I did a double take...was that elk...yes it was! So pretty and no hunters to be found.

It was lots of ups and downs as we went through the mountains. First you pass someone then he passes you, and you take turns doing that all day until you finally drop down into Redding.

Traffic has been pleasantly light both yesterday and today. Lots of trucks today but everyone was very polite and took turns going in and out of traffic.

We went through the California agriculture inspection in the morning. We were kinda worried about our citrus, but they were only asking about home grown fruit today. In Yuma they are always worried about the citrus. So we flew through there just fine. They didn't ask about plants, so, no worries, as we always have some sort of plants with us. This time its geraniums from home, and a pumpkin with little plants in it from Trish.

We ate lunch at the rest area right before Lake Shasta about 1300. And we pulled into the casino in Corning California at 1530. All is good and the weather is pretty warm, we had to open the windows!

Tomarrow we head for Bakersfield, California. The infamous Orange grove Rv park. They give you a bag of oranges if they are ready to be picked. Or you can pick your own.

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