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Roadside Market Outside of El Alto

Sweet Watermelons

Taking the Wool for a Walk

But I Don't Wanna Go !

Town Square at Tiquina

Bolivia Hop Bus Loading Onto Ferry to Cross Strait of Tiquina

700m 'Expanse' of Water to Cross from Bolivia to Bolivia

There Goes Our Bus With Lidia Aboard

Bolivian Naval Headquarters

Naval Fleet of Landlocked Bolivia

That's Not a View to the Ocean, But a View Up Tiquina...

Disembarking From the Water Taxi And Then Back on the Bus to...

Enter to My Domain of Tourismo

Heading Up & Then Over to Copa

View Back Down to Tiquina Strait

The Lake Stretches to the Horizon

Lidia & a Local Lad at a Viewpoint (mirador) Above Copacabana

Dockfront Copa

What Are They Pointing At ?

Andean Gull

Copacabana Waterfront

Copa Wall Art I

Copa Wall Art II

Rode a 'Bolivia Hop' bus from La Paz to Copacabana. The bus would continue on into Peru and we were glad we were ending our ride in Copa. Not the most comfortable bus we've ever been on - actually one of the least, and the seat belts were less than functional. The ride proceeded from front of hotel pick-up (plus point) up & out of La Paz Valley to El Alto and then across the Bolivian Altiplano. Great views of the snow caped Andean Mountains to the east that rose up from (no exploded out of) the intervening flat lands. And those multiple peaks were topping out at more than 6,100 m/20,000 ft elevation. The altiplano countryside is quite desolate; devoid of color or terrain variation, until of course the hillsides/mountains erupt.

The route from La Paz to Copacabana (on the southern shores of Lake Titicaca) is interesting. The bus & passengers cross 700 meters of Bolivian water (Tiquina Strait) on ferries or water taxis, respectively, to go from Bolivia to Bolivia ?! The alternative route is to drive an additional 50km to the Peruvian border, cross the border (with attendant immigration 'experiences'), drive 60km thru Peru to the Bolivian border (with attendant immigration 'experiences'), and then drive 5km to Copa !? The geographical issue is that Copa (on a portion of Bolivia) resides on a peninsula protruding into Lake Titicaca that is otherwise (& connected to) Peru. I would have enjoyed being a proverbial 'fly on the wall' when that national boundary was agreed upon.

There's a highlands between Tiquina & Copa and the 50km route has multitudes of scenic vistas; going up & down. As you descend to the Lake, Copa resides tranquilly nestled at water's edge flanked by flat fields & steeply rising hillsides. The town was in a sleepy off-season mood; fine by us after bustling La Paz - and the temperature, aided by lake breezes, was downright luxurious.

Our bus ticket included a boat ride out into Lake Titicaca to Isla Sol.

That story to follow.

Ciao for now

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