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We had an early wake up call this morning to be up and on the road around 0815. It was really cold this morning, 27 degrees, sunny, and clear. But no frost in our neighborhood.

Thankfully no problems with the RV or the truck to cause us any delays. And Miss Zoey was eager for us to get going.

The roads were good, no ice or frost to contend with. Going straight through Portland was slow, which is normal, but we got through it in about 35 minutes. My goodness how do people deal with that awful Portland traffic every day? I would be super frustrated!

We stopped and got fuel at the truck stop in Roseburg. We only took 38 gallons but by topping off our we hope to not have to buy fuel in California. It is so expensive with all the taxes added on.

We got to the Seven Feathers RV park about 1600 to call it quits for the day. We are pretty pooped after not sleeping well last night. Do you ever get the pre-travel jitters? Waking up wondering if you forgot to pack something? Or did I do everything on my list?

As you can tell we are taking the I5/99 route to Yuma this time. Not our favorite route but the most efficient.

And yes I got to speak to my buddy, Punjab. I was on hold for at least 30 minutes. Not my favorite way to pass the time. Here it is 30 minutes later and we are still waiting for the local channels to download. Oh good, they just came up. Finally!!

Tomorrow will be a shorter driving day, yeah! We are headed to Corning, California. Thank you for your prayers for us, we can feel them!

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